Select one element from linked model

Hi, sorry for my question but i couldn’t find. Is any dynamo node able to pick linked element? Like “select element/elements” in model?

that could be one way. you can select specific by Parametername and filters!

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You can use a Select linked element node :


Thank you i know this way but it is problem to filter the right element.
@Alban_de_Chasteigner Rhythm nodes is what i need! Simple for new dynamo users :smiley:

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hey, i can’t find this node on rhythm packages is is version problem ?


same for me i can’t find the “select element from link” in the package.
did you found a solution?

hello again
i found the solution it’s about the version of the package
this is the version that contain the node you need

I installed rythm 2022 version and it works