Select Linked Elements node

New to Dynamo.

I’m trying to select multiple elements from a linked model. I downloaded the Springs package and have been trying to use the Select Linked Elements node, but it doesn’t seem to work for selecting multiple elements?

It will select a single element if I uncheck the “Multiple” checkbox up by the Finish Cancel buttons, but not with it checked.

If Multiple is checked I get a “Null” for both the Elements and Transform.

Am I missing something? or trying to use this wrong?

Thank you,

How are you selecting the elements? Ctrl+Select or boxing?

I’ve tried both a selection box and just selecting the elements.

I don’t know if it helps to know that I’m using this in Revit 2020.

The latest version works fine for me in 2020. You may try reinstalling.

Are you after a few particular elements or whole categories of elements in the link?

could you share the graph with watch / preview of each node?

I want the doors in the linked model, but only ones in certain areas. That’s why I’d prefer to use the SelectLinkedElements node. It seems to be exactly what I want to use.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Springs package and I get the same result.
I get a “null” for both the elements and the transform. I’ve tried the selection box going right to left and left to right.

I can get the doors from the linked model using Collect.LinkedInstanceElements, but that gives me doors in the areas I don’t want.

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Would you be able to share your graph and a stripped down version of your model (or an example model if you can replicate the issue)?

Areas? Revit areas? Or a user defined area?
Both can be automated, but would be done differently.