Select a single model element from linked revit by pick

Hi Everyone,

I’am totally new to Dynamo. I have construction model (Revit) linked in my architectural model. I need to copy the value of one parameter from construction model to another parameter in architectural model. The process should be done by picking both elements. I know it seems manual rather than dynamo, but it wouldn’t help any other way. as the elements are of different and varying categories.

I nned to know how to select a single model element from linked revit

Thanks in advance.

Hi @tariqallaham,

You can use the SelectLinkedElement node from Springs package.


Would this allow me to select by picking elements?


Hi Alban,
I didn’t figure how to make it work. There is no pick/select button. Would you be able to explain a little more?
Thanks in advance.

I figure it out. I need to pick RUN.