Dynamo Player picking element in linked file

Hi, I’m converting scripts to be suitable for dynamo player. The “Pick Model Elements” node has been a great help. I’m curious if there is a node or a work around that can pick a model element in a linked file? That would be a great help.

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Hi @vanman

@Dimitar_Venkov springs package has a node called “SelectLinkedElements” will get you started.

Thanks Kulkul, I’ve used this in another script but struggling to use it in the selecting process with dynamo player. Ill keep trying.

@vanman How many link documents do you have in your model?

Just one revit link document. Trying to select the topo in the document through dynamo player

Could you drop here your dynamo workflow clear image.

At the moment this works for selecting an element in dynamo player then a script running. But i need it to select a linked element in revit and then run in dynamo player. Not sure how to incorporate “SpringsSelectLinkedElement”

Hi @vanman ,

here’s an example:

this workflow allows you to select an element in a linked file then outputs all it’s parameters in a diaog box.

Here it is used through dynamo player :

once the script is started, you must select the revit link, then the element inside the link.