SectionBox.ByElements to SectionBox.ByCorners on specific view

Hello Community, First of all, tnx for all the great explanations on this forum. I started learning Dyanamo 2 weeks ago and it is awesome! I’ve tried somethings and they worked, other things they didn’t work. But Dynamo is understandable. But now I’m stuck. So I tested the custom node “SectionBox.ByElement” and it works like the coinsBox tool in Revit. Tnx for that! So I changed it to an SectionBox.By corners and that works as well. But now I want to apply the SectionBox to a specific view and not the active view. This is line 21 the python scirpt from the node. But since I’ve no experience with scripting I tried a lot, but nothing works. I’ve got the feeling it’s not a big thing to change, but I’ve realy no idea what it should be. Can someone help? Tnx very much, Berend.

I’m interested in this as well. It sounds difficult but I think is one of the most usefully things dynamo is capable of.