Creating Multiple Section Views From Bounding Boxes

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I’m in a bit of a mess with this graph i’m in the middle of. The end result is to have a section view created of all the elements of a certain family type (in this case a manhole). I originally attempted to make a plan for all of the elements but had no success so moved on to sections.

The plan is to create a bounding box around each element and then use the ‘SectionView.ByBoundingBox’ node. This works pretty well except the section view is looking up at the element and not down.

I’ve tried several different approaches but none have worked. (I think this may be my inexperience in using the dynamo package more than it not being able to work). I have tried using the ‘CoordinateSystem.Rotate’ node to rotate the section after it has been created but this hasn’t worked.

I suppose the easiest way would be to have the section facing the right way before is has been created so there is no need to do it afterwards, but i have no idea. I have attached a few images to see if anyone could give me some feedback.

Another small issue is that the MH isn’t exactly central to the bounding box / section crop. May not seem like a huge issue but the whole point in this exercise is to create a large number of views without having to edit the crop region. I have been able to add an offset to the cropped view but the MH still isn’t central.

Thanks to everyone for reading!

Here is a view of where the section is facing:

Managed to fix it using Dieter’s tutorial through this link and Dimitar’s suggestions from this link. Used Vector.Rotate to get the correct orientation.

Hi Tom,

Would you mind sharing your Dynamo workflow.
I’m curious how you used the Vector.Rotate to change the orientation of the section.

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Hi MJB, yeah course, I’ll try and get it for you tomorrow when I’m back in work. Have you got a thread running? I’ll post it in there if so.

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Sorry i don’t have a thread running at the moment.
Can you post it here?

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Hi MJB, i’ve posted it here.



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Thanks a lot !