New Section Box View By Elements

Hi Konrad

This node does not work, it fails to create a section box of the 3D view. Can I bother you for a fix?


Sorry, I am busy. I will put that on a TODO list.

Anyone else wants to tackle it?

Can you show us your graph? What elements your trying to create section box? There are lot of discussions on this forum similar to this topic and also refer this link

No worries Konrad.

Certainly Kulkul.

It creates a 3D view but that newly created view does not have a Section Box.

I have noticed other nodes with similar issues, it seems that the way the Revit API handles the BoundingBox must have changed in Revit 2016 or maybe Dynamo 1.0

For example, Archi-Lab FloorPlan.ByRoom also does not work and it also references BoundingBox in a custom python node. It also creates a floor plan and the view is cropped but the view crop size is unchanged.



You are referencing a different node. The SectionBox.ByElements node does work fine but it requires you start with an active 3D view.

Konrad’s node creates the 3D view and then applies the section box.

Looks like Sectionbox Property was marked obsolete in 2014:

Change line 76 in the python script inside the node:
view.SectionBox = bbox

and it looks like it works.


@chueb I have tested earlier today in Revit 2016. It works for me also. @Einar_Raknes is right you need to check box of section box in the 3D view. If you want section box to be ticked using Dynamo then you can filter 3D view feed boolean to it. I am currently away from my PC.


You solved it!

Also 2016 doesn’t have the issue with the section box not being checked.


How hard / what would be involved in changing this script so you only had to select 1 element as opose to multiple?

I guess you have tried with one element? I would think a list of one element should work as good as a list of several? Can you show a screenshot of your graph?

A single element would be most helpful. I have found myself creating duplicates in a list just to get this node to produce. This one actually works even though it creates a null.

This one however does not work. Even though it creates the views it will not crop. I assume this is some simple list management but I cannot get it to work.

Would be great to get an edit that works with just one element.

@Konrad_K_Sobon where is this custom node? i cant find it in packages.

Hi @chueb,

Did you make it work? I changed what @Einar_Raknes but it does not seem to work to me.

Am I missing something?

I will appreacite your thoughts.

Thank you very much.


What am I missing ?

Hi @Fred1

Are you running the script in 3D Viiew?

Yes, I am.

My fail. I was using an old version of Dynamo (2.0.1) in Revit2019.