New Sectionbox View by elements

I’m using the Node"New Sectionbox View by elements" by the package Archi-Lab Grimshaw a lott. I use it to make a section view of every building in the project automatically. Untill this moment I used Revit 2014 and it works like a charm. A new project is build in Revit 2016 and the node seems too have stopped working. It makes new views but there is no section box. Is it possible that the node isn’t working in Revit 2016 anymore?

Hi Ruben,

Can you post a screenshot of your workflow so that we can identify your problem and provide you solution. Thanks,

I’m using a set of elements to create a view of a specific buildingnumber and level. When I use the node as shown in the picture below. It will only create a view but the sectionbox. is not visible.

When I use a different node (with the same input) that only creates a sectionbox, it creates a correct sectionbox. Therefore the input is not te problem. Also the above node works fine in Revit 2014. I used Dynamo 8.2 and 9.0 in Revit 2016 and both won’t work.

Any luck with this?

Hi all,

I would love to use this node, but i am having the same problem as Ruben (Dynamo 1.2 + Revit 2016/2017).
The new views are created, but there is no sectionbox after running the node.
Dear @Konrad_K_Sobon could you please-please-please check if the node is up to date.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @MJB-online, check the answer of @Einar_Raknes in this post: New Section Box View By Elements

Hi Joris,

Thanks very much!
I do a lot of reading on this forum, but i missed this one.