ScheduleView.CreateSchedule - Change category

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create schedules with the ScheduleView.CreateSchedule node.

At first it works fine.

But, once I try to change the Category it doesn’t create a new schedule.

It seems to keep in memory the first schedule. Any ideas?



Is the update automatic or manual? The graph might not have been updated after your change of category.

Hi Haaba,

Thanks for your answer.

I tried both and it’s still not working.

Any other idea?

The only thing that seems to be working is disconnecting and connecting the Schedule Type before running the script.

As you can imagine, I would rather not have to do that every time.

And not even because it just overwrites on the schedule created before…

You can have a look in this thread.

I think you have to make a small change in your graph to make Dynamo calculate over again.

Try leveraging Dynamo Player for this graph, as it should create the schedule and do so in a way without element binding.