Schedule View.CreateSchedule error?

Is there any category that this node can’t do?

I’m trying to create a Sheet List (that is a sheet schedule, right?), should I use this node or another one?


can you show your graph ?

If I create a simple schedule it gives me a “Warning: ScheduleView.CreateSchedule operation failed.
categoryId is not a valid category for a regular schedule. Parameter name: categoryId” error …

What’s the logic behind this task? I was able to create other types of schedule (walls, floors, equipments, etc.) but not sheets… Is this the way of doing it or not? (p.s. I tried every different schedule type, with no success)

I was curious if anyone was able to give you an answer to this one. It gives the same message on any category with annotation. From older examples I’ve seen it looked like it worked

That specific component you are showing above doesn’t allow for creation of Drawing Lists. No, you cannot just feed it a Sheet Category, because Drawing Lists are a different type of Schedule. They have their own method in the API that is not implemented here yet.

Here it is for reference:

I would make a request with the Dynamo Revit team here:

They don’t really respond to anyone there so I don’t know what the chances of them implementing it are. Your best bet would be to learn some basic Python skills, and write a node like this yourself. I am sure you can learn some programming 101 much faster than they can respond to any feature requests.

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Thanks. Sorry, it was actually the general annotation category I was curious about. I didn’t realize I had selected the sheets. It seemed like creating a general annotation schedule worked with that node previously. I wasn’t sure if something changed in the Revit API to make that not work anymore or if there was a different piece of information you would have to pass to the node to create the annotation schedule.

As you said, a little Python is probably the way to go on something like that.