Dynamo Scripts not updating output functions when a change is made in Revit



I have been working with some Dynamo scripts that I have created and have noticed that if the script reads a Revit parameter or object and that object changes, regardless if I am in Automatic or Manual mode, the Dynamo script will not update until I purposely cause an error within the script. I will normally disconnect an important node and upon reconnecting, the script will function again. This has happened with almost every script I have tested on.


This is because Dynamo doesn’t update many nodes unless an input changes, which is almost a requirement to develop scripts for large datasets.

Adding a true/false, number slider input or other easily adjustable input in conjunction with a list.create and list.first item early in the graph will allow a toggle to force a refresh. I believe that Clockwork also has a node for this.

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Thank you for that reply, this was the issue.


Could you give an example on how to create such a trigger, I’ve tried quite a bit with lists and true false and I can’t get it to work.

I’m trying to create a list Family.Types via Location.Name.


here is some examples


Thanks for trying to help but this isn’t working for the nodes I’m using.


then please start a new post with your problem and attach the needed files/images