Create Area Schedule Using ScheduleView.CreateAreaSchedule Node



This may be a beginner question, but how do I access the ScheduleView.CreateAreaSchedule node? (

I understand that it’s part of the Dynamo repository, but I’m not familiar with how to use the repository. How do I bring in this node into Dynamo for use? Do I need to create a custom node?

I’m new to all of this and a bit rusty on my coding skills. I’m using Dynamo 2.0. Thanks for any help!


if you’re in Dynamo Revit, update to the latest 2.0 version and it should be there.


Yes, I’ve updated to the latest Dynamo Revit version 2.0.2 and I still don’t see this node. I only see the ScheduleView.CreateSchedule node, not the one for area schedules.


If you search for it, it should show.

if not, try updating to the latest version of 2.1 in the Daily Builds, found here:


Yes, that worked! Thank you! Just out of curiosity, do you know when 2.1 will be officially released?


For an official 2.1.0 release, we do not have a date at this time, but follow along here so you’ll know when we do: :smiley: