Create Schedule with Dynamo?


Is there a way to create Schedule with Dynamo?.

or alternatively duplicate a schedule and change the category?

I’ve been exploring ways to do elemental costings. I have made a number of schedules along the way. I’m not sure how others are doing it, but it seems a good way is to create a number of project parameters, assign these to different categories, then create schedules for each category: ElementalCostRate, ElementalCostDescription.

As all the schedules need to be consistent, with only the category being different a workflow I can push a list into seems like a good idea.



As far as I know, it is impossible to programmatically change the category of a schedule.

But you could use a Python node accessing the Revit API to create a new schedule.

justin, actually you want ot solve two problems. one is the creation of project prarmeters, as far as i remember there was a solution posted some time ago.

the other one is the creation of schedules.

for both questions it is as andreas said, you will need some python to succeed!

keep in mind that from revit 2015 the options for schedules increased / changed remarkably!

and you will have to consult the api documentation.



Hi, Is there a posibility to automatically create shchedules with only changed filter in it?

Good luck finding a solution. I have searched all over the web. There is plenty of information on key schedules but not building component schedules. You know, the ONE we really need.

But can you create a schedule using dynamo? Not a key schedule, a building component schedule.