ScheduleView. AddFields

Hi all,

I am new using Dynamo, I am trying to create a schedule that I can copy as many times as I need to use it with different categories,
My idea is that the input field could have a list of project parameters that does not vary according to the category
I have generated a graph but it does not work, I understand that the only input accepted by the ScheduleView.AddFields node is ScheduleView.SchedualbleFields, I attach the graph to see if someone can take a look and help me…

crear taula.dyn (32.3 KB)


Hi ingenieroahmad,

thanks for your answer
I already had that solution clear,
but my intention is to generate a list of project parameters that affect several categories, not the parameters of a particular category, since if I do it as you indicate each list has different indexes and I would have to modify the indexes that indicate the parameters that I want each time I change the category
I would like to have to change only the category to the beginning of the script, and nothing else

Make a list of the categories you want a schedule from and feed that list into the Category input of the Create Schedule Node.

The part about adding the parameter straight into the AddFields Nodes is not correct, you need to find the SchedulableFields with the correct name. So get all Scheduleable Fields, get their Name, Filter for your parameters and add the Field (Not the Parameter) to the Schedule through the AddField Node.

Hi Bjorn!

Thanks for your indications!

your advice has worked a half, the graph generates the schedules but only the first has all the columns with their parameters, the other just have 1 column…

I have tried different outputs for the fields but I don’t get it …

Any more ideas?

You need to change the list level to L1 to take all the schedules in ScheduleView.AddFields:

Hi architectcoding

the graph in your capture generates the schedules but the parameters that appear in each one are different, what I need are schedules with the same scheduable fields but from different categories, that’s why the graph is a little more complicated

Hi to everyone

Finally I find the error, I choose 1 parameter that is not common in all the categories, the second one, as I eliminate it from the list of fields in ScheduleView.AddFields the graph runs perfectly!

thank you to everyone!