ScheduleView.AddFields - How To Query Fields

What format is a field? Does it take strings? I can’t seem to figure out how to get this node to work…

If I must use a “SchedulableField” how do I query these fields?

Finding the parameter by name doesn’t seem to work…

This part confused me too. If I remember right, after you’ve created your schedule you input it into the ScheduleView.ScheduableFields node to get the list of available fields for that schedule. Then you can get the specific fields you want and add them to the schedule with ScheduleView.AddFields.

That makes zero sense. I have to manually create each field… in order to automatically create the same fields? I guess it saves time when developing a giant list of schedules like I am…

Maybe this will help:

It’s like in Revit after you’ve chosen your schedule category you’re given a list of all the fields you can schedule and you choose which of those you’d like to include. You have to first get that list of available fields from your newly created schedule (since certain fields are only available to certain categories.) Then you can pick out which fields you’d like in your schedule and add them.

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OOOOOHHHHH so THAT is how it works. Not intuitive… but I can work with that.

Yup. It makes sense when you think about it from the Revit perspective, but I agree, it’s not very intuitive just from looking at the nodes themselves.


How do I seekout the specific elements I want without having to do it manually? I want to do it by name of the schedulable field but I think I need to transition them to be strings to get an index. When I do that they all come out on one line.


Use String from Object instead. That will keep your list structure.
Also, you’ll have to be careful managing all your lists if you’re adding multiple fields to multiple schedules at a time, but it is possible.

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It works! I had to remove any null schedules being created though.

now I need to figure out how to set all of my sorting and grouping automatically…

Sorting is pretty straight forward.

Right. I just necro’d this old thread to see if I could figure out how to toggle itemize every instance in dynamo. Do you know if there is a tool for that?

That I haven’t tried that yet. So far I haven’t run into anything that toggles Itemize, but there could be something out there.

Can the sort order be chained? To order by say Type first, then category second?

I’ve applied a single sort function but never multiple. I’d have to test it out.

So far I’m unable to add multiple sort options. I would start a new thread if you’re looking for help.

I can add fields, but not remove them using the ScheduleView.RemoveFields. Anyone got this to work?

AddFields works…

RemoveFields doesn’t using the same input values! …

Any ideas?

Please start a new post.

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