Create Schedules with specifik parameters

Hi there all

Im trying to get dynamo to create schedules for me, but im a bit lost here…

What im trying to do, is creating schedules with specific parameters in the set-up.

So I want Revit to find specific parameters (for instance “CCSClassName” and several others), Im trying to do this via the “schedulable fields” node. But i dont know how to filter the node, so that I get the right number for that parameter, so I can insert it in “Add fields”…

So Can Anyone tell me how to filter the schedulable fields for specific parameters, so that I get their List number, to insert in the Addfields node…?

Hello @bjkris …do you mean something here ??

Hi there @sovitek, That is exactly what I wanted!

But When I try to replicate yours, I get negative values in “Lis.IndexOf” Can You tell me why that is?

could you show your whole list from string from object…or try all indicies…

Also empty in “List.AllInducesOf”:

allright… try a list flattern after your sceduleable fields or play around with some levels

Ohhhh! You just saved Christmas! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes merry Christmas :wink:

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