ScheduleView.AddFields - Using Lists to populate AddFields query


Hello All.

Running the ScheduleView.AddFields Node and I am only able to create one field per instance of the node, any time I try to use a list, the node spits back an error.

I’m trying to create a schedule from a list of project & shared parameters I’ve used another script to create, but I can’t seem to create a Multi-category Regular Schedule.

I’m either needing to have a node/script to replicate itself for however many instances of fields I’m needing to add to the schedule (without creating extra, unnecessary fields: such as [Room : ] and [Space : ] prefixed fields) or be able to only add a list of the fields I’ve pre-defined as my project/shared parameters.

I did check out the following thread, but it was closed already.

ScheduleView.AddFields - How To Query Fields

Any ideas?

ParametersFile.xlsx (8.4 KB)
TBS_01-CreateProjectParameters.dyn (25.5 KB)
TBS_02-Schedule Generation_Assets.dyn (73.9 KB)

Excel not writing information to Key Schedule

What version of Dynamo are you using? Can you post an image of the error you’re getting trying to add multiple fields? I’m having no problems.

Edit: Works with newly created project parameters too.


I’m using Dynamo 1.3.1

So, it seems I was over-complicating things and used an extra load of nodes which were confusing everything, and looking at your graph I managed to see the problem.

Strangely enough, the issue is that the Script, once run, will only allow me to create the schedule once and keeps the original category selected, despite my changing it.

Is this an issue with the Node, or a Revit issue where only one schedule at a time can use a set of parameters, even if they apply to multiple categories?

TBS_02-Schedule Generation_Assets.dyn (49.7 KB)


If you’re looking to get multiple schedules then you’ll either need to run the definition multiple times or set it up to take multiple categories.


I’ve tried running it multiple times and it will not create a new schedule.

I can’t see any way currently of setting up a multi-category schedule using a node, would I need to write some code to generate this in a Python Node?


You have to close out and rerun it in a separate session or run it from Dynamo Player with an input for different categories.

In order to create a multi-category schedule you would need to use Python, yes.


It will have to be the Python route then, as I’m having to use Revit 2016 for this project.

Thanks for the input and helping sort this Nick!

This answers all the questions in the thread.


Could you try to define it as a custom node and then feed in the list of categories, setting lacing to longest?


I’ll give that a go and see what I can get working - thanks for the suggestion Jacob.


Hi C-Innes,

I’m currently having the same issues in trying to create a multi-category schedule using dynamo. I want to create a schedule that will display shared parameters across a number of categories, for example - mechanical equipment, pipe accessories and plumbing fixtures.

Did you ever succeed in getting Dynamo to create a Multi-Category Schedule using a node / Python Script Node?