Multi-Category Schedule

Hello guys,

Can somebody guide me how to create Multi-Category Regular Schedules? This is where I’ve reached so far

Whats the Category type i need to input to create an Multi-Category Schedule?

I don’t believe that is a valid category for you make a schedule with. Basically if it isn’t in the list inside of Revit, then you will not be able to make Dynamo do it either.

Okay! So in Dynamo how do you get to choose a generalized multiple category option as you get to choose in Revit shown as below?


There are plenty of threads that cover this topic. Please try searching before posting.

I don’t believe there are any core nodes that do this but it is possible with Python.

Thankyou @Nick_Boyts for your quick reply. Yes, i researched a lot before i posted and also came across your post from earlier but i am not at all familiar with coding and to be honest didn’t even know how to implement your code. Hence, preferred to ask the community and give it a try :slight_smile:. However, if this interests you, i found a way around it and use core nodes to create a Multi-category schedule [Screenshot attached]. Found out that “Assembly View” node from steam labs helps create a multicategory sch which i altered to fit in with my needs. Given the condition you’re working with assemblies i guess!

Thankyou for your time and support @Nick_Boyts and @SeanP !. I appreciate it

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Hey @Nick_Boyts, if its not much to ask can you provide quick steps on how to use your python code to create a Multi-category schedule?

I’d really appreciate it!

id = ElementId.InvalidElementId
newSchedule = ViewSchedule.CreateSchedule(doc,id)

There are some good threads with topics on how to start learning Python. (I’d start here.) But that code is basically it. Using the Revit API you can create schedules with the id of the category you want. For multi-category schedules you use the InvalidElementId. After you’ve created the schedule you can name it and set other properties.

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