Schedule totals from different categories in Revit

In Revit, can Dynamo combine calculated totals from schedules of varying categories, e.g. total cost of doors, windows, floors, roofs, etc?

In short. Yes.

You can do this in vanilla Revit also

Multi-category schedules do not include walls, roofs, floors, and other project based elements. Try posting a screenshot including those categories with a bottom line.

How can I get a Node to read the bottom line of Mr. Ruffenach’s screenshot? The 9954.00 from the totals of his schedule?

Rod, How do you want the quantities exported?
Grouped by categories? (Roof, Floor, Ceiling)


Or by type?

By category.

That’s on track to what I am after. A couple questions: It looks like it’s getting the info from the model, can it get info from a schedule? Suppose I created a calculated value parameter in a Revit schedule to do some math, can Dynamo use that? How about the totals from the multi-category schedule? Also, in your example you are totaling the quantity counts here, right? Not the totals of the cost parameter? Thanks.


Attached is a 2014 Revit project. In the model is a wall, a roof, a cabinet and two doors. Each element has the value 100 set to the cost parameter. Can you get Dynamo (or any program) to spit out the $500 total? Does it all get exported to excel for totals at the end of the day?

Dynamo can. But given the variables at hand (How you want the data to look, where you want it to be exported, etc) A search may be better suited for your needs. I think all of this has been discussed before and I showed the beginning of this thought above.


All I am looking for is the bottom line, in any format. I created a new thread that’s more specific. Thanks for the help, that’s got me on the right track.

Hi John

This is exactly what I am looking for to replace the Ideate Explorer Addin. I am having trouble exporting it out to excel though. I get the error that I cant save to a folder location that already has ‘Book1’ in it. But there is nothing.

When it does write something to excel then i only get one line with the doors in it. I would like to have them grouped or formatted the same way the List.Transpose node orders the data.Category Schedule to excel

i am using Dynamo 0.8


Trying using the File Path node not the Directory Path node.


Dirk 2