Merging Room Data and Ceiling Data

Hi everyone!

I have an assignment for a project that the main process is to check (%) the ceiling area comparing to the room area in order to achieve right acoustic requirement for the rooms. I would like to automate this process and avoid manual work as much as possible since there are a lot of rooms and probably we have to do this process again in future.
I have done some research and I came across different solutions and ideas that are listed below:

  1. Getting room data in ceiling schedule? this doesn’t seem to work.
  2. Multi category schedule doesn’t work for ceilings either.
  3. I can transfer parameter values from one elements to another one by using Dynamo, but if I change this value in the original parameter, it wouldn’t apply the changes to the new parameter and I have to do it manually, is there any way to link two parameters with each other for two different elements with different categories?
  4. Would be possible to merge two schedule in Revit by using dynamo in a way that the schedule get updated as soon as we make a change in the model? in the other hand, this new schedule act as a normal Revit schedule :face_with_monocle:
  5. my last idea is to use Power BI in order to transpose different schedules field with each other and visualize the changes in the ceiling and room, is there any dynamo node to connect the a Revit schedule to a power BI dashboard without using excel?

I am sorry for a long post but I am struggling to find a practical solution for this problem. I would appreciate if anyone has any answer to the question above or anyone could guide me to any workaround that would help me with this assignment.

P.s. I think Autodesk really needs to look into some functions that are actually helpful and practical for Revit users and their projects.

Global parameters would allow this.