Exporting Revit Schedule to Dynamo

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New to the Dynamo world, and hoping for your help. Within Revit, I have created two separate schedules, one for material takeoff (tonnage) and one for floor area, both sorted by level. Both were done by determining the applicable parameters for all of the materials and summing them to form the schedule. Unfortunately, due to the framework of Revit, I’m unable to get these tables to talk to one another. That’s where I’m hoping Dynamo comes in. My goal is to make this as simple as possible. Take the “lists” that is the data stored in both of the schedules in Revit, convert those lists to an Excel spreadsheet, make one quick computation in Excel, and export it back as a Revit schedule. On the surface, it looks like there can be a simple solution. Is this possible? I’d prefer to take the information directly from the schedule I created, since there are hundreds of elements in the project.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Beginner in Dynamo myself, so no complete solution. What you are asking is definitely in the realm of possibilities

I probably would look at it form a different way. A schedule is basically a report of data from the elements in your project. I would look into the following solution. Share the information between elements. Get the value you need and store it in one or more (project) parameters of the required elements. This new project parameter can then be used in the other schedule. In this way you can ‘transfer’ the value(s) from schedule 2 to schedule 1. In dynamo you can do different calculations before pushing it back. This solution would also avoid the use of excel.


You should look here:


So kind of going off of the responses above, I think avoiding Excel makes sense. Is there a way (I’m sure there is), where I can perform basic multiplication/division on corresponding elements of a list? For example, I want to divide element 3 of list A with element 3 of list B. Is there a clean way to do that in Dynamo? If so, my life just got much easier. Thanks!



can someone help me with the procedure? i read the whole book but it is not clear.thanks

can you elaborate on what is not clear in the Bumblebee Primer? I can fix that.

Hello, I restart the topic;

How would you export the schedule material takeoff to excel ?