Schedule list headers for each

Hi every body,
I want to list in an excel file all headers of each Schedule of my projet.

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It would help others to see what you have tried so far. This forum isn’t a place where we do your work for you, but to help you along. If you are stuck somewhere, we can try to find what’s wrong.

If you are new to Dynamo, I recommend checking out the Dynamo Primer or going through the tutorials on this website. If you need help understanding specific nodes, the Dynamo Dictionary is a great tool.

To get you started, the node you want is an OOTB node called ScheduleView.Fields

Thank u for your reply, a can extract with dynamo my Schedule header but, i want just some help to multiple export to excel and combinate list
I can joint my code for one view Schedule. I will search for combine list in forums
Have a good day
(Is it possible to joint some image or file on this forum ?)

You can attach pictures and files using the Upload button while creating/editing a post. It looks like this:

Thank u
I join my result after some search

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That is a good first attempt. Are you just trying to put together a list of the view headers with the view name in the front? This might be a better workflow:

Also, to join lists, either the List.Join or List.Create nodes work better for most cases.

In finally i want to extract some Schedule that i want to inject in new project al in one time
First item = Name of Schedule and next all that i want in my Schedule
I am electrical technicien, and i have 30 Schedule specifics for controlling moddilisation of my project
I don’t want to create Schedule in my Template, i prefer to inject (auto-create) them

Correction, to combine list of list

In REVIT 2017 with Dynamo
I can’t create Schedule with

Category don’t work

Have you some solution for this ?