Export Schedule from Revit to Excel

Good Morning

I am completely new of Dynamo. But I am really struggling to find a solution and this seems to be the right place.

I am working with Revit 2019 and I need to export some schedules, but for some reason, I receive a warning at the last point.
“Warning: ScheduleView.Export operation failed.
There was an error exporting this schedule.”

Is anyone able to help me?

here the link to see my dynamo

many thanks

I don’t believe you can use filepath that way.

Use the File Path node instead.

I Have also tried with the File Path.
But I am only able to export only the name and not the whole schedule


How Can I Export the whole Schedule?

I Just Changed to SChedule.GetData instead the Element.Name

How can I add now, different Schedules in differents Excel Scheet?
Any Clue?

Hi nando.sorbello. I have a link here that explains a way to do this. The link is in Portuguese, but can be helpful. Just follow the instructions.

The link is: https://bimexperts.com.br/rotina-para-exportacao-automatica-de-todas-as-suas-tabelas-de-quantitativo-do-revit-para-o-excel/

hi. which Element.name that you change to Schedule.getdata?