Create Revit Schedules from Excel List or Assemblies

Does anyone know why Dynamo when grabbing list from Excel to create new Schedules does not take the list in the ScheduleView.CreateSchedule node?

What do you want it to accomplish?

What I am trying to accomplish is a mass generation of schedules for Fabrication efforts for electrical. Each schedule has a unique filter based on the assembly name. The image is above is showing that the list I get from excel for line 0 is S21 but in the CreateSchedule node line 0 is coming in at S1.

So, just for the understanding, you’ll like the list to start from L1-R1-_S21 as the List.GetItemAtIndex does? :slight_smile:

Correct. The issue I am running into is that when I have ran it on say S1 to S10. I have those schedules showing in my model with the filters assigned correct and template assigned correctly. When I update my list when I am ready to create new schedules it for some reason decides to do as the image I showed above. What tends to happen it skips however many schedules are already in the file and will finish off the list from there. At the same time it messes with the unique filters.

Maybe use SortByKey and use the GetItemAtIndex as the key :slight_smile:

So still not working. Not sure if I am using the List.SortByKey correctly.

i believe creating and editing schedules are two different thing. And that you had every map accordingly with your data set right? means you can edit delete existing and create new one or edit directly in it. dont think can use create.schedule node.

Can you take a screenshot of the graph instead of just half of it :slight_smile: ?

Works fine here:

Here is the entire graph.

I do like what you did. I am using excel to accomplish the naming of the schedules.

What I would be doing would require multiple names no just the section changing. Being there would be R1_S1 and R2_S1 and so on depending on the number of each rack has.

This is the ideal graph. Where it looks at what instances of assemblies I have and what schedules have been created. It then skips over those that exists and creates new ones that have not.

This as well has a issue with removing the already created schedules.
Schedule Creation by Assembly.dyn (33.2 KB)

Try this and hit run:

Yeah that was the way before adding the sort key function. Same issue.

Can you upload the excel spreadsheet too?

Very simple excel.
Temp Schedules.xlsx (10.1 KB)

So column A is the Schedule name column B is the filter of “if assembly name contains”.

First round of running the script gives me the correct stuff.


When I update the excel and rerun I get the issue of it not creating new schedules.

It then also goes through and messes with my filters.

How should your filters look like? :slight_smile: