Save project as template

Hello everyone
I want to open project, detatch from central, discard wordsets and save as template. I found all nodes in the Orchid package except last one, which is saving opened prject as an template. Do someone know how to solve this problem?

Why automate a one time job?
There might be other solutions (Revit ones)

I administrate 8 templates, so it’s boring to do that every day

Hello…here is a way use clockwork save as node…open the python rename rvt to rte and it

should work…


I will add that you cannot save a workshared project file as a revit template file.

If you do need to then you must open the file as detached and discard all worksets prior to doing the save as on that file.


yeps as the same in real revit life :wink: i actuelly have it as Marcel…its probably faster just save the template the normal way

Yes, but it could be forgotten about in error messages and things not working when working with code.

It works with rfa files, but maybe try automating a rename or the extension to rte in explorer?


Works for me :wink: in a single test …haven’t try to rename…anyway i would say as Marcel these people there make great template shouldt have that problem just save…and dont build on projectfile or even its worksharing or not…its a no go, just a trough :wink:

Hello, sorry for delay. Thanks all of you for sharing.
@sovitek, I did as you offer, but unfortunately created rte file is not valid. I can can open file, but it’s empty. To avoid manual detaching I used Orchid pachage.

@GavinCrump, I’ve got this error message after manual change of extansion.

Hello…think the issue here is you dont close your background document…i will give it a test later…and keep in mind you cant create a template from a workshared file as @Brendan_Cassidy mention also

I detached this file from central in BackgroudOpen node.

Mm mustnt be able to do it like family templates, bummer. I guess the saving process is the only way.

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something here work for me…


Add detaching part to your solution. Thank you!

Detach and create RTE.dyn (41.1 KB)