Workset - create in the background documents

I have about 50+ files I need to open, enable worksets, create worksets, and put certain categories on said worksets, then save and close. I decided to try to automate this, since its not a once time thing and Im running into a problem with creating the worksets in the background. It wants to only create the worksets in the current document, which i understand since im not tell it which document to create the worksets in, but I have=ing trouble figuring out how to direct the worksets to the background documents. Any help is appreciated!!

open workset save.dyn (38.5 KB)

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My advice: look into making it work for ONLY the current document and leverage this:


It works great on 1 document, just not 50 :frowning: . Thanks for the link Ill look into it, it looks like something that could help me for a lot of different tasks!

It’s an amazing and often overlooked tool which many could benefit from. :slight_smile:

Just got it to with the dynamo automation. Processed 52 projects in about 30 minutes, which was still faster than me doing it manually!

Even faster when you remember that during those 30 minutes you could have been:

  • Working on other stuff.
  • Having lunch.
  • Getting coffee.
  • Sitting in that Monday morning staffing meeting that you’re not sure why you attend.
  • Building a sandcastle on the beach (assuming your office is on a beach).
  • Going home to see the family.
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