Creat new project templates with Dynamo nodes

Does someone know if it is possible to add new project templates with dynamo script here in revit? Which nodes or package do you suggest to use?

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Dont think its possible through the API, as far i know…maybe there are a solution i dont know


I believe these are stored in the ini file, so you should be able to edit that directly As it is a text file. May require that you use Dynamo Sandbox though as once you are in Revit the ini could ‘lock’. I personally use this for clearing my recent file list and adding/removing some Autodesk internal tools as needed to prep for presentations.

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wauw…great way;) Jacob

Could you show me a litte your workflow with some examples? I have totally no experience with Dynamo Sandbox. :sweat_smile:
And i want to explain more about my need is that i need to add more default Templates in the system, which i have already created. The Dynamo script should be the same function as that i add them through the green button “+” manually.

Unfortunately I can’t share my current graph as it would expose some IP which isn’t mine to share.

First off you will want to install Dynamo Sandbox. This is a great tool for automation, and if you think about it you will find other uses beyond this. Plus it’s free, so no cost worries.

Next look into setting template paths in the ini as shown here: DirectoriesXXX Settings in Revit.ini | Revit Products 2019 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Once you can do that manually, look into using Dynamo to read the text (File Read Text), edit the text (String.Replace will help here), and write the text nodes. I recommend testing on NOT your Revit ini file to confirm things work first, and backup the current ini before you edit anything.


hehe no worries;) i will try at my own…thx for great idea…but as you say it could be dangerous !!!

The beauty of computers is that if you know what you did, it can almost always be undone. If you take the slightest precaution beforehand you can always ensure you’re covered (in this case, couple the ini into the same directory).

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Thx for the idea!! I will try with that !

Could you plz let me know if that works on you? Because i still have problem with installation of Dynamo Sandbox :sweat_smile:

What is the problem? You should be able to just download one of the zip files from the link below, and extract it using 7zip or similar to ensure the DLLs don’t get blocked. From there you just double click on dynamo.exe and start graphing. There isn’t a traditional ‘installer’.

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Thanks for the help, i think i have installed it. :grin:

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Thanks for your idea again , it really works! :grimacing:

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Glad to hear! Don’t forget to post the graph so others can benefit from it in the future. :slight_smile:

Just a simple script, Your workflow is the key point!


Hi Jacob, here i have similar question for you. Is there also a initial datei for Civil 3D or AutoCad that i can edit to add new file path to the list, so that i can also write a dynamo script to achieve it ?