Create project files from template files?


Is it possible to use Dynamo to create a new set of project files (rvt) from multiple template files (rte) ?


That should be doable.

try to use “NewProjectDocument()” method

NewProjectDocument save as central file

As expected could NewProjectDocument() be used for the purpose.
I have made a new node to the “DanEDU Dynamo” package handling this issue (called DanEDU.NewProject)

Note… a ‘list’ must always start having a template file in index zero, all the subsequent files must be the new file names incl. path. Feeding the new node could easily be done from a excel file!

The syntax for the new node creating new projects based on a template is shown below.


This method has been updated as shown below.


I’m getting null outputs when I try to do it. My goal is to create three new RVT project files from three different revit templates. Any input would be appreciated.

Also, just to be sure, I checked with File.Exists block to make sure that the template files were present. I also tried to use a single template to create multiple new files - but the results were the same.


the node takes only one template at the time, and this node can only run when Dynamo is started from Revit not the sandbox version!


I’m getting similar response from using a single template. And, I’m definitely starting Dynamo from within Revit using Manage->Dynamo. Btw, I’m running Revit 2017.2, in case that matters.


I have updated the “DanEDU Dynamo” package and implemented a new method. The old way how “File.NewProject” is working is the same, but it also supports taking two lists of equal length. Like shown in your initial question.

Hope everything now works as supposed :slight_smile:


Hi, is it possible to select revit elements (walls, windows, roof) and import or export them into a new separate revit file ?