RunMe if True/False problem

Hi i have problem with override elements. I want to set new colour or go back to no override option. But if i want use RunMe node i have problem with output… i tryed to change “0” into “null” but this doesn’t work… please help i think this is one little option that i don’t know… Thanks in advance for help :smiley:


you can simply use design script

bool?color:" "

Connect Boolean to “bool”, connect color to “color”.

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You can use Function.Apply for these kind of things. Below you see how to do a Run Me type of Function Apply. When the Boolean is set to True, the elements will override, If set to False nothing happends.

I am no fan of Overriding Elements in View (This can be done with Filters which is more transparant and applicable to more then 1 view. But since you are trying to do this, you can also use a Boolean toggle to change the flow of the graph in another way.

Below you see the following. True = Override the Elements, False is removing Overrides (or not applying them if there is no override in the First place)

No need for Custom nodes


@dylim I have problem with this node but i think this is my low skill. I will try to understand the custom nodes.
@Joelmick thank you this is the answer! Yeah i know the filters are better but in my work a lot of people use the override elements…