Matching element overrides won't work

Hi all

I’m trying to make a script to match graphics overrides, however I can’t find the reason it doesn’t work. It seems very straight forward with the Genius Loci node @Alban_de_Chasteigner kindly shared here Matching element colour overrides :

I’ve tried with other nodes/methods and I can apply single overrides but when trying to apply all together either doesn’t work or is not the expected override.

I’m using revit 2018.2 and Dynamo 1.33

Any clue on what’s going on?


Hi @Franciscum,

Use OOTB nodes and it will work.

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You can do this with Hot Gear nodes as well, but it’s more complicated.
(Hot Gear nodes don’t handle lists.)
You can see below that View Set Element Overrides expects an input Revit.DB.OverrideGraphicSettings and not a Revit.Filter.OverrideGraphicSettings.

Thanks, very helpful!