Round to Rectangular Transition Area / Duct Fitting Area / Dynamo not recognizing surface

Hey folks, been dealing with that Dynamo script, which turns into not recognizing surfaces of Round to Rectangular Transition when it could calculate all possible fitting with different geometries.

side notes
-Revit DB explorer couldn’t also get the area of that fitting.

But Revit Lookup could, with snip face tool, yield the area of the 8 faces (ie: when flattened {4 triangles/ 4 concave triangles})

Even Dynamo itself could calculate the face area of the transition when prompted to select faces in model

Any thoughts?!

The geometry of this particular type of surface isn’t properly converted over to Dynamo at this time using out of the box nodes. It is possible to do via custom code, but it is a computationally expensive operation with Python so best to avoid unless really needed. Why are you after this data?

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Duct Quantity takeoff :slight_smile:

I feel like there should be a parameter for this, no?

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Dynamo should calculate the surface area, but it doesn’t recognize the surfaces in the first place. Revit, as I know, doesn’t yield the area natively without exogenous commands.
However, there are parameters for length and sizes for the in/out connectors, a formula may help for that!

I didn’t know this actually. Or does seem like a formula could do the trick, but it’s likely better to use the Revit API to access it directly, as it will be less computationally complex.

Curious though - for regular ducts, does the geometry return the solid (meaning it is capped at the end) or does it just return the outside of the cylinder or rectangular faced which are exposed after installation? Is this a concern?

My instinct also says that fabrication parts would manage this easier overall. Does the required area not get returned there?

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Good questions!
As for ducts, Revit only calculates the lateral area (which is required), on the other hand it calculates the whole surface of the fittings (including connector faces), which requires a method to substract them, I’ve seen some custom nodes here in the forum but it yields null in 2024.

Hi @abdelrahman111 probably this post could help…looks like the element.connectors is from MePover if so be sure you have the dynamoironpythonpackage 2.7 ver 2.5 installed

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Thanks for referring to the dynamoironpythonpackage stuff!

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