Wrong output of Element.Faces

Hi Dynamo Team,

I am currently doing calculation of surface area and I noticed that for some duct fittings, the faces that dynamo is extracting is different from the actual surface of the 3D model.

Dynamo script:

Dynamo faces super imposed on the actual model

Revit family used (default Revit family)


Hi @blsalvio its a bug, it’s depend of the type of your family instance and the detail level asked, but maybe you can build your duct fittings geometry with the workaround of @Kulkul and then get the face, or you can get the shape of duct fitting by Rhino inside…

Revit/Dynamo Geometry - Duct fittings - 1/4 doughnut Revit vs 4/4 doughnut Dynamo (Torus)

Hi @paris

thank you very much for pointing/confirming that it is a bug and guiding me on the solution.