Revit/Dynamo Geometry - Duct fittings - 1/4 doughnut Revit vs 4/4 doughnut Dynamo (Torus)


I’m trying to get the geometry of all duct fittings in dynamo as seen below.

Though I’m only able to get a doughnut shape as seen below.

I’m looking for the magic node “ass seen in Revit imported to dynamo” or a workaround.

…Actually I’m trying to measure the outer area of a duct system…
Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile: #Torus

I believe this is a limitation of Dynamo (or Revit, don’t remember which one).

Does this occur with other types of fittings as well? If only bends with circular sections are the issue, you can calculate the surface area algebraically using available parameters (radius, bend radius, angle). For other fittings, remember to remove the surface area of the open faces as the the Solid derived from the object will include all faces, which will not accurately reflect the outer surface area.

It’s not from fittings specifically but circular geometry in general.

Hi @Thomas_Perkov @Nick_Boyts @cgartland

Nothing in API but you can build duct fittings geometries this way:

For Thomas.dyn (25.4 KB)


Just a thought, instead of importing/recreating the geometrie. What is the difference if you would try Length * (2 * pi * Radius)?

Thanks for all the many great suggestions.

To calculate the area from the parameters ‘were not an option’ due to lack of any kind of consistency in the vast amount of families used. Though it seems to be the only option to find the right parameters one by one. @Kulkul solutions seem to be a great option to recreate the geometry. Monday maybe on Tuesday I’ll have a further look.

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Hi, @Kulkul

I can’t make an arc using points and vector. Can you possibly see what I’m doing wrong?