Curved Surface of Revit Element


I made a Revit family using Swept Blend of two profiles, (one rectangular and one round), now im using the family in the project. I need to make a dynamo program that will give me the surface area of that Family. Now since the nature of that family (element) is the curved surfaces, I don’t find a way or node to do that. tried several nodes, but each one says, “Operation Failed”.

Any help ??

Did you tried Element.Faces ?

Yes. that too says, “operation Failed”

Would you please upload your family ?

Yes, I will make a generic family using Swept Blend, and upload …

it says, “New Users can not upload attachments” :\

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it worked for me in this family, but not working in the original families that I am working with…

if you try with the family that comes with Revit …

its a duct fitting family … with the name “M_Rectangular to Round Transition - Angle”

if you try with this family, it wont work…

what about the below ?

Taking into consideration that I eliminate flange extension “I think you might nee to zero flange thickness too or eliminate the area of 1 and 2 sections of transition”,I’m a civil engineer not a mechanical but I would like to help . :slight_smile:

thanks for your help, I appreciate that. However, I have done the area for all the fittings with Dynamo, its only when the surface is curved in a specific way (e.g., in case of transitions from one shape to other, like round to rectangular), I am getting the problem mentioned above.
For example the cylindrical surface is also a curved surface, but Dynamo can find its surface area, no problem with that. Only in some particular cases, it gives this error, which has not yet been resolved.

this is the problem I am facing

I too am having an issue with this same topic. I have tried several types of nodes and approaches. All have failed to be able to handle curved surfaces like the transition that walzworld showed.