Duct Surface Calculation


I could get a little advice if possible.

I did the draft of a script that will take take elements from the ventilation with selection, take their surfaces and calculate surface area (Select model elements—Elements Faces—Surface Area—Math Sum). However, I cant think of a way to get rid of the surfaces where ducts are connected between themselves with connector elements.

I would say that it is possible to define a parameter which can incorporate those surfaces and then with it, in Dynamo subtract it from overall surface area.

Maybe someone has some other idea?Can it be solved by subtracting surfaces with some orientation filter?


Hello…i normally just drop the 2 first surface in the list…it seems for me the surfaces “end and startcap” always come first…it works for me, but not sure it always will do so :wink:


I’m not sure what the end goal is (teaching exercise, production workflow?), but at least for duct elements you can retrieve the Area read parameter.

I don’t believe fittings have an equivalent parameter, but for that it may just be summing up the surface areas and subtracting all connector areas.

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Hi @sovitek @Robert_Younger,

I did exactly what Robert suggested yesterday. In MEPover package there were some nodes which I used to extract data for connector elements, which I then subtracted from all surface areas.

Just had to play a little bit and do some units changes, and the result was there. Thanks for the quick reply and help :slight_smile:

Hi Marcelo.Rak

can you advice the number “305” what refer to?


Hi, if I correctly remember I had to change feet to mm, so I just multiplied with 305 (304.8)…but later I used a more appropriate node

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thanks for your reply
can you share the new work flow that you follow for extract duct fitting surface area
thanks in advance

Hi @AMDGHEDY here is another way if you want fitting area for duct…

@sovitek i think this code calculate all shape area.
i just need the surface area without connectors in order to calculate duct weight

Allright…dont know what you mean without connectors do you mean the fittings caps(start and end)…I just calculate the ducts surface without connectors or caps…

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RVT_20_Weight from Duct Surface Area_R0.dyn (222.3 KB)

Hi, from what I see in my folder, this was my last script regarding duct surface/weight. However, I did this quite a while ago, so don’t really remember whats the status of the script. I know there were some issues regarding the surface of fittings with curved surfaces. Hope it helps