Rotating Family Instances

Hey Guys I’m new here and with Dynamo in general. Right now I’m trying to do some compositions with elbows and cylinders (first tried pipes, but figured out you can’t really place pipes with Dynamo). Anyways, my question is: Is there a way to rotate a family instance in another plane than the XY? The FamilyInstance.SetRotation only do it in the Z axis, so I was wondering if there are any other ways. Thanks!

Can your family instance be rotated around other planes from inside Revit? If no, then it can’t be done from Dynamo either.

What you could possibly do is add a rotation parameter and rotate the family by changing the parameter through Dynamo.

You can use Python for this, you’ll have to manually input the coordinates of the two endpoints of the rotation axis. Also convert your rotation in radians.

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hello Rob,

how can i adapt your code for a family instance.

Thank you