Rotate family around custom vector

Hello there, I have a problem with rotating family instance around custom axis. I’ve created some family which represents curb - it has 2 adaptive points and profile, it can be referenced from Dynamo and points on start and end can be changed, but I need to rotate curb around alignment origin point and alignment direction. Is this possible? I’ve provided additional file with Revit project, families and Dynamo file.Additional files

Here is picture, I can create unrotated family which will follow rail from dynamo, but I can’t rotate family instance in Revit, or from Dynamo in that way like on the attached picture



Rade, I took a look at your files, but haven’t been able to work on it. A few suggestions…

I think your approach of trying to rotate the adaptive component by rotating a line about it’s axis won’t work.

Alter the adaptive component to have additional points that don’t lie on the axis. The resulting 3 or 4 points can then be specified in dynamo based on their position and rotation.(If 4, two points would be the original two points which anchor the base, while the two additional points could help rotate the AC about the axis)


Add a rotation parameter in the adaptive component family and control that parameter in Dynamo.

Not sure I’ve managed to properly convey my thoughts.



I understand, but I didn’t have success in placing 4 points, can’t control profile with them. --> I’ve created a profile in that way - one family for rail and one imported profile, and it works just like in video, but I don’t understand where to place additional points to make whole family instance to rotate, can you please provide some simplified example? I’ve tried with rotation parameter, but it’s very unstable, it keeps rotating profile at one side of curb, but not at both of them. Tnx in advance!

Not sure if I follow you, but you can place a reference point on an adaptive point’s plane and then place the profile on the reference point’s plane. Reference points have a rotation parameter that can be chained to a family instance parameter. That way you can control the parameter through the set parameter node in Dynamo.