Rotate family instance around axis

Help, I need some advice on how to rotate my family around I think the Z axis. I can’t see the axes in Dynamo, I think it is a bug in Dynamo, I’m using Dynamo Core 2.30.5885 for Revit 2.30.6270.
My family is placed correctly at the point and perpendicular to the curve but it needs to rotate 90deg in an axis. I have changed the “CoordinateSystem?Axis” from Y, and used X or Z but it is not giving me the results that I require.

See attached screenshots of graph and family.
Any help would be appreciated.

You’ll notice the SetRotation node doesn’t have an input for the axis of rotation. It rotates a family instance about its local z-axis. It doesn’t matter what vector or axis you use to get the angle, the node only uses the value of rotation. You’ll have to use a different node.

@Nick_Boyts thanks for the reply. I’ve struggled to find the right node and I have managed to rotate the profile using “Vector.Rotate” and “Geometry.Rotate” nodes. However, the families are not rotating only Dynamo geometry, see attached graph.
How do I get the families to rotate?

That depends on how the family was built. Host method, location method, and parametric controls matter.

How would you rotate it in Revit manually?

@jacob.small Family was created as generic model hosted in to an adaptive family. Location is on the insertion point and the profile cross section was drawn in Front view.
A way around is to create the points via dynamo and set the work plane of each point and manually Place the nested family, but laborious so hoping Dynamo could do this for me.
Appreciate your advice.

One thought: beat this into a linear family or a two point adaptive family, and load / place that family instead of this one. Then Then use Dynamo to change the line to get new rotations.

Another thought: draw a line in the adaptive family from those points to new points nested a given distance off the original curve. Next host this family to the plane at the new lines’ 0 parameter. Then use Dynamo to change those line’s endpoints.

Yet another thought: place the family unhosted in the adaptive environment, and adjust the WP manually via Dynamo.

@jacob.small , thanks for your reply. I will look at creating a 2 point family so that resolves the rotation problem.
Out of curiosity how do I adjust the work plane manually via Dynamo?

This API method: PostableCommand Enumeration

It’s a postable command does the degree of difficulty is high, but people managaged to
get purge unused to worm as well. :slight_smile:

Alternatively you could build them hosted to surfaces as new elements (likely easier).

@jacob.small thanks for the post, but I need to walk before I can run and this is way beyond my Dynamo skills at the moment :rofl: It’s taken me nearly a year to get points in to Dynamo, split them in to two and create a curve between them!! :joy:
For what it is worth I manually added my varying profiles to points and adjusted their angles on each WP - took 5-10mins, so happy.
Thanks for your help though.

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