Rooms to Floors

Hi guys,

Im new here, and im still trying to explore this dynamo engine. I just need some help on this process of converting rooms to floors. I am currently following the guide from Marcello notes and im having a problem and some error. (please see attached photo)

What could be the problem and is there any way to make the rooms in to floor faster?

Thanks Guys!ScreenShot041




Currently clockwork, lunchbox and rhythm offer nodes for rooms that get boundaries.

Lunchbox and rhythm are collectors and clockwork needs rooms to be fed to it

From there you can just throw that into floor by outline.


I am having a similar issue trying to apply the Floor by Rooms method Marcello used in his lecture. I am up for a simpler method but would just like to understand why the “FloorType.ByName” node if throwing me an error. I noticed that there was an update to the output of the output of the “Element.GetParameterValueByName” node from the version of Dynamo Marcello was using in that it now says “var” instead of “”. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chase

I have done quite a lot of work on this in Bakery… you can follow development at:

I found that sometimes Element.Geometry fails, and so I tried various workarounds, getting bounding curves and the like. In the end, I basically use about 3 different methods, each time passing the ‘failed rooms’ to the next node to try that way… Not perfect but its getting better :slight_smile: