Room to Floor problem

Hi guys

I’m trying to create floors by rooms using a specific parameter to map Floor Types to the rooms. There are a number of ways to achieve this, but all seem to have one problem in common; I need to create the floors one level at a time due to the size of the project - when I have created floors for one level and want to move on to the next, the newly created floors dissapear.

I can’t wrap my head around this - can anybody help me out?


Hi Christian,

There is a node called “Create Floors From Room” from Bakery package. Did you try that?

Unfortunately not - I found that this has been posted as an issue before. The fact that Dynamo keeps a connection to the created elements can be both good and bad; in this case it’s not to my advantage :slight_smile:

A workaround would be to cut created elements and paste to same place for each level. Is there a way to do this with Dynamo?