To get Floors from Room Boundaries, Archilab and Clockwork

Hello, community!

I need to get room’s floors and facing this problem.
I can get Floors with Arhilab, but in Dynamo 2.03 corresponding lines are missing.

Clockwork RoomBoundaries works fine, but no floors in list.
As i can understand, floors doesn’t generate lines in Revit, being Room’s boundaries in Revit.

I’ve analyzed code of both packages and digged out this lines in Clockwork:

if version > 2016: curves.append(boundary.GetCurve().ToProtoType()),

And if i change in Archilab’s code (boundary.Curve.ToProtoType()) to GetCurve().ToProtoType()),
boundary lines appears in curves list. But Floors are dissapearing then from list!

We can use both packages to get Walls and etc. with corresponding lines with Clockwork,
and Arhilab to get the floors, but it is very time expensive.

So maybe we can get room’s floors without lines, but with just one run of node?
We could just add one more output Floors to Clockwork.

Thanks in advance!

Try Room.Finishes from Clockwork - that’ll give you all the room bounding elements (including floors).