Creating Floors by using rooms


I am trying to create Floors by using rooms and below I have attached two dynamo scripts which I have used to create floors.In the first dynamo script I am getting a error like Asked to convert non-convertible types, In the second script Its continuously loading and I am not getting the result. Can anyone suggest me What to do with this if I am working on a big projects?. Also If I am trying this scripts on a normal small Revit sample projects its working but taking into my projects this scripts are not working properly.

Aravind C S

This free plugin does exactly what you want to achieve:

I used it in huge projects, and it never failed.


To answer the question as to why the graph is breaking. If you’re feeding it multiple curves that are in sublists, which it needs to be, you need to change the list @ level for the “outlineCurves” to look at the nested lists @ Level2.

Hope this helps!

  1. I’d steer clear of bulk geometry intersection. It’s slow and tedious and very memory intensive. A larger model is going to try and build n room geometries, then try to intersect N geometries with a plane, then try and get N surfaces, then try and get N*M curves which define the boundaries. Why not just ask for the boundaries with a Room.Boundaries node (clockwork package).

  2. You need to deal with unplaced and unbound rooms. Filter out rooms where the area isn’t greater than 0.

  3. You need to deal with donut shaped rooms, or rooms which have a void in the middle, often from a bounding column or columns.