Create floors to match the rooms

Hi, I have created rooms using the Room separator command, I would like to Revit to create floors to match the rooms, does anyone know how I would do that please.

Hi Christopher,

There is a custom node called “Create Floors From Room” from Bakery package that will create floors from Rooms. See below graph. Good Luck!

Thank you KulKul, I have found the package now so will update on how I get on.

How about the same thing but using a Roof? I don’t see anything to create a Roof in Dynamo.

I have tried this and it does not work… I have Dynamo 9.0, Bakery, archi-lab and all. Have no deprecated or unresolved nodes and runs without any warnings, but can’t get any floor made in the Revit model.

Did someone tried this successfully? I have also looked at the nodes on whatrevitwants.blogspot, but got no results either.