Problem creating multiple Rooms at specific Levels (not just the same level)

Hey everyone,

I’m having a hard time creating Rooms (from a list sorted in Dynamo) at specific levels (not just the same one).

I’m currently using the node Tool.CreateRoomAtPointAndLevel from SteamNodes, but it doesn’t seem to be able to read a list of levels.

In my screenshot, I tried doing this by getting a list of levels with Element.Level node from Clockworks. It displays the exact same name and ID number than the defaut “Levels” node. The Levels node works but creates all Rooms on the same level, and Element.Level gives me a null (see screenshot).

Any help is strongly appreciated !

Hey I actually managed to get this working and it was all due to a small mistake. Element.Level does work, you actually simply need to change the lacing to short (see screenshot).

Everything works perfectly now !