Room Tag from the linked file

Just a beginner to dynamo

Hi all someone can support me to tag all the rooms in entire project (all the ViewPlan) using dynamo.

I am working with mep side we are using linked architectural file models.



Hi Bit,

You will find your answer here

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Thanks for the reply

I tried but it’s not working properly. May be some issues are here


I think you have it wired wrong. Get All Elements From Linked Model is looking for Link Doc, not Link Name.




I am totally fresh in dynamo still learning I have been trying to put rag all in entire project but the blue point place it on the same room position. My model is not shared with architectural model.

If anything unusual on the bottom snap please let me know. Thanks





I am not sure if your input into views is correct, it looks like you are entering elements into that. Iw ould try replicating the attached, from the thread that Kulkul attached.

I know this is an old topic, but am posing here because I didn’t see any solution to a problem that several people were having: The problem where the room tags were showing as being created in the output, but they were not actually showing up on plans. For me, it was not a VG issue or an issue with origin-to-origin or even a unit conversion problem. It seems to have been an issue with a link instance input.

I am very new to python and dynamo, so there’s probably a more efficient way to get the job done. Nevertheless, it seems that I was able to correct the issue by rearranging a few things in the python script of the CreateAnnotationTag.dyf. In the original script, the for loop to handle multiple views was missing an if statement to check for link instances, so it was assigning the room ID from the current doc and not the Revit link instance. Once I added that in, the tags showed up. Also, since I couldn’t figure out how to make longest lacing work, I also pulled the view for statement out to be separated from the element and point location for statement (if that makes any sense). This way, I don’t have to cycle my list of views to equal the number of room points.

Hope this helps someone else trying to automate this function.

Hi @Fcampojr,

Can you share your revised python code for CreateAnnotationTag node ?
I have the same problem with tags which aren’t showing up on plans.

I’m attaching it here. Hopefully, it will work for you.

Create Annotation Tag2.dyf (10.0 KB)

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I downloaded the Create Annotation tag that Fcampojr posted and followed the flow that Monkey_Puppet posted and I am only getting blue dots on the plan and no tags. Can someone help?