Tag Rooms by Parameter - Problems with the 'Create Annotation Tag' node?

Hi there,

I have lately been working on a small script that can tag rooms by filtering parameters on the rooms in different ways. The script works fine when I’m using it in a single stand-alone model, but breaks as soon as I’m using it in a linked setup. (Using the linked models nodes)

In the test files I have attached there are two Revit files, Tag_Rooms_By_Parameter_Test1 (geometry & rooms) and Tag_Rooms_By_Parameter_Test2 (container), where number one is linked into number two. The model consists of 4 rooms, where two of the rooms have a value in the ‘Department’ parameter, and the other two doesn’t.

The script is should either tag the rooms with a value in department or the ones without, or tag rooms with a specific parameter value, depending on what scenario you would like. And as I mentioned, this works just fine in a single model environment.

Now the weird thing is that when you run the script on the container file (Tag_Rooms_By_Parameter_Test2) it looks like it works, it reads the room data from the linked file just fine, and shows the correct places in dynamo/revit as well. It also says that it created two tags like I asked it for, but the two tags doesnt show up in my active plan/view in Revit.

Now when you click on that specific tag in the project browser, and choose select all instances in the model, it picks up my two tags, but they simply don’t show on my plan. I have checked all the VV settings, and purged out all other views in the model, and I still can’t find them. Even the “Revit Lookup” add-in tells me they should be located on the correct plan.

I’m using the Archi-lab node ‘Create Annotation Tag’ node, and I’m wondering how that handles linked files, it has the input field called “LinkInstance” but I’m unsure what to plug into it, I have tried various scenarios, and I keep getting same result.

I would really appreciate any help/ideas on this matter,


Room_Tags_By_Parameter_Value.dyn (26.9 KB)
Tag_Rooms_By_Parameter_Test1.rvt (1.3 MB)
Tag_Rooms_By_Parameter_Test2.rvt (1.3 MB)

Hi @Jens_Kaarsholm!

I checked the files and I found that is a mixed issue between inputs and the node itself:

  1. As you are aiming to tag rooms on linked files, the LinkInstance input for the Create Annotation Tag must be connected with the link instance (you can use the Link Instance output from the Get Documents node.

  2. If you just want to tag one view at a time (as in your example you are tagging on the active view), you don’t need to Cycle the view, as the node will apply the same unique view if this input is not a list.

Until here just find. Now if you actually want to tag in multiple views at once:

  1. You will need to input list with a one to one correlation (point1-room1-view1, point2-room2-view1,…, etc)

I believe I found a bug on the node, maybe @Konrad_K_Sobon can clarify (using archi-lab version 2018.0.6), but I had to change the internal python script at line 84 from:

roomId = LinkElementId(i.Id)


if link != None:
	roomId = LinkElementId(link.Id, i.Id)
	roomId = LinkElementId(i.Id)

So it can handle link elements when multiple views are input (same logic as in line 94 when no link instance is provided).
Hope it helps!
Room_Tags_By_Parameter_Value-alvpickmans.dyn (29.3 KB)


Fantastic! That did the trick,

Thank you so much for your help with this!