How to Create a Room / Element Tag?

I’m trying to follow previous posts Room Tag from the linked file and Create room tag without success.

I encounter two difficulties, the first which caused problems in freezing Dynamo, that being the “Create Annotation Tag” doesn’t work at all with Dynamo 1.2.0 ! And I couldn’t get it to work with Dynamo 0.9.1

The second is I still struggle with what “terminals” connect with what terminals, I still find this a bit of a guessing game, and I’m sure many others do also. (A note for Dynamo developers, here’s a possible concept why not have the hint window context sensitive which list links of possible connections, this would become a neat visible interface and maybe this part of the interface could be switched on/off depending on your skill level). So when the input connection is “Tag Type Id”, I don’t exactly know what is required, I’m not even sure if this is what is holding up the graph in placing a tag.

I would have thought this process would be very straight forward as it is one of the more valuable aspects in creating documentation.

In the attached graph I’m also looking to tag a wall as well.

Create_Tag.dyn (21.3 KB)
Project_Tags.rvt (1.6 MB)

Hi @RLietz

I fixed it for you. Try this script Create_Tag(For RLietz).dyn (20.2 KB)

Hello KulKul,

Thanks for the prompt reply, but this is where I run into trouble with Dynamo version 1.2.0, the graph freezes my dynamo. (see attached image).

When I try to open it in Dynamo 0.9.1, it say says the dyn file has been created in a later version.

I think it’s called a catch 22 !

Looks like your using older version of create annotation tag. Try uninstalling archi-lab package and install the latest version.

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Thank you Kulkul, this solved my problem, I had previously searched the “Packages” for “Create Annotation Tag” and came across the one pictured, even though the date seems old, I installed it.

However after removing it and installing the updated “archi-lab” package it solved my problem with your updated graph, also posted here.

Create_Tag.dyn (14.0 KB)

For those you don’t know how to uninstall, it’s pretty close to following your nose, but to visualize a little more, here’s where you find it, under “Packages”

Hi Kulkul! I’ve been trying to achieve the same as RLietz and I followed some of the directions you’ve laid out and also referred to this thread as you advised Room Tagging Thread but I am still facing an issue tagging elements from the linked file.

I’ve attached my workspace image to this post. Would appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks!