Room Name and Number from "DoorOrWindow.FromRoomAndToRoom" list

I try to Export my Door-Parameters to an excel-file. Therefor i need to extract the “ToRoom” and “FromRoom”

Here is my Script. i see results, but there is an Error.

Raumnamen zu Tür finden.dyn (14.3 KB)

Link to a thread hours ago, where i start to aks my questions with room-to-door-problem: Set ToRoom and FromRoom using Doors.Rooms #clockwork

Hello, the Get To-From Room node (from 2015 but apparently still working fine) could possibly give the results you need, see here for further information:

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thank you

I load the “Get To-From Room”-Node.

all Doors to the outside of the house are without “room”, i need it, to collect the infromation in a export excel list with different other parameter.

how can i complete the Room-Names/Numbers to the rigth doors?mitGetTo-FromRoom_Node.dyn (8.3 KB)

One solution could be to create an exterior “room” by using Room Separator lines

To do this in Dynamo, I would recommend the node Door.RenumberByRoom from BVN


I need to export the Room-Names, same as in the Schedule in Revit (See the Picture) I’m not in Trouble to Renumber the Doors.

To Set a Room in the Outside is no opinion. such things i can’t tell my workmates to do in a planview, only for the export the Doors to Excel.

After Export, the Door-List is to fill and correct in Excel. Next step I need to match the Excel-Doorlist with the Revit-Elements and set the changed Paramter

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Some explanation seems necessary indeed.

There is a node called bimorph.GetScheduleData in BimorphNodes that could help for that.

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I think, this is a good way to make the list with Roomnames and no error in skript, für dynamo-player