Revit - Export doors parameters linked to rooms


I would like to export doors data such as “from room number/name” and “to room number/name”, when I export the data, the fields are empty.

I think that these informations belong to Doors category, Am I right ? If not, can someone tell me which category I should use to get doors linked informations to rooms.

Thank you

Can you put a watch node onto the results of the “to room number/name” and “from room number/name” parameter values?

Here it is.

Thank you.

Make sure you activate room calculation point inside door family.

Check what KulKul said.

Also it could be that the parameter you’re pulling doesn’t exist or hasn’t been defined.

Wire a List.First node into the all elements of category node, then set a Element.Parameters node off of that, and finally a watch node off of that.

I’m sorry to answear so lately.

I think I have found a solution, people created a function to get the from-to room doors information.

Here is the link :

Tell me what do you think, I am going to try this solution.
I may have been not really clear about the problem I have encountered.

Thank you for the time you have spent helping me

It works !