Export Door and room number to excel using dynamo

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to export Revit doors with room names to excel. So using Room.InsetOfBoundaries node to get the Doors that hosted in room bounding walls. However, I found the doors are reported thrice. This is not an accurate result.

Can anyone suggest is there any way around to export door names with room numbers to excel??

Clockwork has a “Door.Rooms” node that will return the ‘to room’ and ‘from room’ data from Revit.

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Revit will do that, no Dynamo required here

Hi Hamish, I managed to extract the information using “Door.Rooms”. Everything works well, but when I am trying to export those data into Excel it’s not happening.

Would really appreciate it if you could let me know what I missed? Attached details below.

Thanks in advance!

Home-1.dyn (28.2 KB)

@Daniel_Hurtubise I am trying to create a multicategory (Floor Finish, Ceiling Finish, Door types, Furniture placed inside) data export from Revit to excel. So I feel Dynamo can deal this

It sure does but so does Revit :slight_smile:
And you need to organize your data before passing it to the Excel Export node to a 2D list

Hi, it’s because your lists aren’t on consistent levels.

Depends on exactly what you want your Excel result to look like, but if you run a Flatten @ L3 you’ll get a result like the snip below. You could do various other flattens, transposes, etc to get the formatting results you want.

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Thanks @Hamish …I got my output now :grinning: